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Okay this is a somewhat bigger update than I was expecting:
Images Zip File

- Kinetic Soldier and Red-Eyes B. Chick have been preemptively renamed to Cipher Soldier and Black Dragon Chick respectively. Mentions of their exception texts have been removed.
- Saber Reflect is Saber Reflection
- Dinosewing to Dino-Sewing
- Canistaur to Caninetaur
- Paternal Searhorse to Mare Mare
- Invasion of Venom update complete with artworks for the new Subterror and SPYRAL cards
- Fusion Enforcers updated to current spoilers

Next Updates for November:
- Fusion Enforcers
- OTS Tournament Pack 3?? (Likely with a Frog the Jam name update)
- Destiny Soldiers (TCG)
- Dimension Box Limited Edition