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yungkozakystein ([personal profile] yungkozakystein) wrote2016-11-20 03:26 pm

YVD 11/20/2016 Update

Update Contains:
- Destiny Soldiers (TCG)
- Maximum Crisis (Mostly True Dracos/True Kings & Lyrical Luscinia & Predaplants)
- Dimension Box Contents (Assorted New Cards for ARC-V THemes)
- Pendulum Evolution (This is effectively a Zarc Deck and I think all the cards are basically blocked until Togepi goes WHEEE EVIL, with Yuya)
- Premium Pack 19 (Assorted Legacy Support)

Next Update will be complete Dimension Box Contents.

TCG Updates are effectively on pause until February because the next two products are basically non-entities.

Next OCG Updates after Dimension Box?

Structure Deck Pendulum Evolution
20th Anniversary Pack Wave 1
Premium Pack 19