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- 20th Anniversary Pack 1st Wave (Complete)
- Premium Pack 19 (Complete)
- Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution (Complete)
- Maximum Crisis (50 Out of 80 Cards)
- 20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave (8 Cards)

Noteworthy Erratas:
- Brain Control (Can only target monsters that can be Normal Summoned/Set.)
- Imperial Order (Mandatory Payment, 700 LP Each Standby Phase)
- Necrovalley (Cards such as Dark World or Glow-Up Bulb cannot revive / move themselves)
- Future Fusion (Sends to the Graveyard 1 Standby Phase after activation)
- Rescue Cat (Name Based Once Per Turn, Effects Negated)
- Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Can only target opponent cards. Name Based Once Per Turn.)
- Goyo Guardian (Now requires an EARTH Tuner)

Other Notes:
- Chaos Scepter Blast is the dub name for Spell of Destruction - Death Ultima
- Skydive Scorcher is the dub name for Skyscraper Shoot
- Cosmic Flare is the dub name for Shooting Sonic
- Light Wing Shield is the dub name for Moon Barrier
- Spiral Flame Strike is the dub name for Spiral Strike Burst

What's Next?
- Complete Version of Maximum Crisis along with spoilers from Structure Deck R: Tyranno's Rage and 20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave

See you guys next time!